Linux-palvelimet ICT4TN021-7 linux server course assignment 6

This assignment is part of linux server course ICT4TN021-7, undertaken at Haaga-Helia UAS.


A) Write and execute “Hei maailma” (Hello world) in three languages. Install necessary environments.

First, i decided to try C. I found a C “Hello world” example here.

I ran following commands:


I installed gcc to compile C, created a folder for my various “Hei maailma”-programs, changed location to the newly created folder and launched nano to write my first program.

In nano i wrote the program:


Then i compiled and ran the program:


The program printed following text:


Next, i tried same with python, i found a tutorial here:

There was no need for me to install python since the needed package “python3” was already installed on xubuntu.



Then i just ran the program:


Wow, it was really effortless and simple compared to C!

Finally i tried perl, which also was installed by default on xubuntu. I found a “Hello world” tutorial here:



I ran the program:


“Hello world” on perl was also fairly effortless to write and execute, but contain more code compared to python3’s one line.




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